Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dresses! Dresses! Dresses!

I was unable to resist (not that I wanted to resist) the temptation of joining in Faye's 2011 Summer Dress Challenge.  The fun starts tomorrow and is scheduled to be completed on June 15th.  Hoping to have a few new dresses by mid-June.  Here are the frocks on my sewing agenda --- though my plans are always subject to change :D.  Who knows, I may race through making these and add another dress or two to the queue!

First up, McCall's 9574:

I'll be using this summery rayon blend knit for this dress.  I'm working on a "muslin" of the bodice today, which I've cut out of an old knit nightgown that was destined for the rag bin.

Also in the running is this Butterick 5315 shirtdress, though I may opt for the plain short sleeves instead of the puffed version.......

.......stitched up in this nice summery cotton broadcloth I picked up for 50% off at JoAnn's last week --- garnished, of course, with prominent red topstitching (and a red belt :D).  Love the retro vibe of this pattern and fabric combo.

I'm also loving this Simplicity 2638 maxi, but will shorten it to knee length.  I'm pretty short and busty and the maxi dress isn't a particularly flattering look for me, but I do love the style of this dress.

I had thought this small scale bandana print rayon/linen blend would work nicely for the above pattern --- perhaps with some skinny black piping to define the waist inset.  But now I'm wondering if I should use something that's more "drapey" and just rummaged around in my fabric closet and found a deep red rayon with white dots that may work better.   Opinions anyone?

Fabric  #1

Fabric  #2

Not too sure about the tiny, super short puffed sleeves of Vogue 8469 --- my upper arms are not an area that merits any focus --- so I may change up the sleeves or omit them altogether and wear this with a fine gauge cotton cardigan.

This modern print cotton voile is my most likely choice for this dress.