Saturday, June 18, 2011


I've been intending to write this post for quite awhile, hence its unseasonable topic.  If you happen to be enduring sweltering summer temperatures, you might want to skip this one --- or at least turn up the AC LOL!

Last winter I purchased this lush scarf-lette from my friend, the uber-talented Sue of MaddyandMeDesigns to keep my perpetually chilly neck warm during my daily walk.  It coordinated nicely with my favorite purple jacket (now sold out in purple) and is super soft and cosy.  I love it and have worn it dozens and dozens of times already!

A few weeks ago I snapped up a couple more jackets in different colors since they were on clearance for such an irresistibly great price.   Shortly afterward, while wandering around in my LYS, I came across two enticing skeins in the clearance section and thought that (obviously inspired by Sue!) I'd whip up neckwarmers to go with my newest jackets. 

Yep, that's definitely some yarn porn!

While not nearly as nice as Sue's scarflette, these were a fun and super quick project.  Alas, it hasn't been chilly enough to warrant wearing them --- but I'll be all ready for the cooler temps when fall rolls around.  Check out how that pale gray jacket's bright pink lining goes with that nubbly red/pink/gray yarn --- yum!

The fabulous timber buttons used as closures are another Etsy find, I purchased these from my sweet friend Kylie's supply shop Meluna .  I think they are the perfect finishing touch :D.

Under the category of lovely mailbox surprises, check out this cutie-pie ceramic narwhal sculpture that arrived in the post from my amazing muddy buddy Felicia .  I ♥ it so much!  Felicia, I ♥ you too, but you know that :D!


Oh, I think this handsome fellow warrants a view from another angle too!

I'm simply enchanted!  This little guy now resides on a shelf overlooking my sewing table area --- he's my new mascot :D!  Thank you so much Fifi!


  1. Fabulous Ginny! Gorgeous colors and that narwhal is darling!!!

  2. Wow, this post is full of awesome treasures. I love that you coordinated the neckwarmers with the jackets and the yarn you used is so lush, gorgeous. The sculpture is immediately loveable.

  3. Those scarflettes ate the buttons! What an awesome and talented friend you have. That sculpture is wonderful!!